Public executions in North Korea. The culprits are said to be involved in illegal meat trade

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The public execution on August 30 was described to Radio Free Asia (RFA) by a resident of Hyeson, on the border with South Korea.

According to the witness, before the execution, military officials conducted an hour-long trial before a special military court and revealed the details of each man’s crimes.

“Then seven men and two women were tied to wooden poles,” said a resident. “They were shot for killing and selling more than 2,100 state cows from 2017 to February this year.”

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“The military is rounding up everyone in the area.”

According to witnesses, those executed included the head of the Riangang Provincial Livestock Quarantine Station, a salesman from the Provincial Trade Management Office, a farm official, a restaurant manager in Pyongyang and a young student. A security checkpoint on the road to Pyongyang. It is said to have distributed the meat to markets and businesses, including a restaurant in the capital, Pyongyang.

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