PSA: Buying an Xbox Series X (Finally) just got easier

The Xbox Xbox X It has been one of the hardest-to-find gaming gadgets since its late 2020 release. While always a little Easier to get a PlayStation 5 from Sony, getting one requires keeping track of restocks from several retailers on a daily basis — lest you turn into buying one of the price gougers.

But now, we can say (with fingers crossed) that those days may be behind us. The Xbox Series X is readily available at a few retailers – and has been available for the past few days. Moreover, you don’t need any paid membership or expensive packages to be able to get one. This, besides Cut costs And the better availability of some desktop GPUs is great news for gamers who want to upgrade to new hardware.

As for where you can buy the Xbox Series X now, if you’d rather get the $499 console just on its own, you can order it online at Walmart And the New With minimal shipping times until it reaches your home. Fortunately, Walmart doesn’t require a subscription to its paid Walmart Plus membership to access consoles, as it often did during scheduled console restocking events. You may also be able to purchase Xbox Series X from targeting For in-store pickup, but this depends on availability at your local brick and mortar target stores.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship console, serving as its most powerful (and biggest) option. While the S Series aims for smooth 1440p performance and takes a discless approach, the $499 X Series focuses on fast 4K gaming.

If you don’t mind buying a bundle, you have more options to explore for Xbox Series X. At this time, Costco members can buy an Xbox with an additional console for $549.99. This price is fair, especially if you are already a member and need a second gamepad for some local multiplayer.

Antonline has two package options available as well, like this one which includes Nyko headphone and infinite aura for $589.97 and another with Same kit, plus spare controller for $639.96. at the same time, Microsoft allows you to build your own packageChoose from a selection of full-priced digital games and add-on consoles. Of course, it may be more attractive to get the console on its own, and then choose all your games and accessories, as you can find them Better discounts elsewhere.

The past six months have seen a positive shift in the availability of required gaming technologies. It’s easy to buy a Nintendo Switch with OLEDIt is not uncommon to see a file Xbox Series S is on sale for up to $50 off. While Xbox Series X availability has opened, the PlayStation 5 is still out. Sony’s console has been a huge hit, and it’s still the console that many people would like to have (in part because of its rarity). But for now, this is the console that will require more effort than just clicking add to cart. The next time we write an article like this, it will likely be about the PS5. But when that will happen is anyone’s guess.

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