PS5 price increase caused some Japanese gamers to pray for PC Port of Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 It is one of the most awaited games in Japan. but there is a problem – Fans can’t find PS5 to play, and Blu-ray model price It just increased by 10,498 yen (~$76). As I mentioned yesterdayHowever, many Japanese gamers are simply abandoning their pursuit of the platform, which has failed to find much stability in Sony’s domestic territory since its launch.

In fact, some traditional console players are turning their attention to PC games, which are more diverse these days – especially with more and more Japanese developers targeting storefronts like Steam. As I spotted it Twitter user aitikimochiFinal Fantasy 16 started appearing on the heels of the PlayStation price announcements.

Many thought if they would be able to play the game, while others were able to play it Pray for a computer port. It’s worth noting that building a PC similar to the PS5 is still quite expensive – even more than the higher prices of PlayStation – although it can obviously be used for other things, and the software is generally cheaper on Steam.

As of now, PS5 is the only confirmed platform for Final Fantasy 16. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually makes its way to PC, as Sony tends to negotiate console exclusivity with third parties these days. Of course, that’s not the kind of conversation Sony wants to have in its territory – I hope it can turn things around locally as the generation matures.

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