Problems with Putin’s appearance. It’s about looks and behavior

Vladimir Putin has long been rumored to have doppelgangers. It was once written that three actors were appointed to replace the Russian president. However, recent reports indicate two. New rumors about them appeared in the account of General SVR. It turns out that there are a lot of problems with Putin’s appearance.

General SVR is a mysterious account that publishes information about Vladimir Putin and his entourage. However, they should not be completely trusted, because one of them spoke about the death of the Russian president on October 26 this year. No one has officially confirmed these reports. The rumors turned out to be false.

However, now there is a profile of General SVR, which is run by former and current Members of Russia’s foreign intelligence service provide new information on Putin’s origins. As we read, they only have problems.

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The number of meetings with the Russian leader’s subordinates has recently been limited. The reason is that only one of his “representatives” is fit for public display. The second doppelganger still doesn’t look like that.

The second subject has serious health problems. It’s about kidney disease and the rise of covid-19. The last issue is manner of speaking. Putin’s appearance in direct contact is not good. General SVR even writes that he “couldn’t hide his stupidity behind his teeth.”

Rumors about Putin’s doppelgangers appear again and again. After all, the Russian regime is inciting them by releasing recordings of the president’s doubles. During one of them, the doppelganger had an accident. When a boy asked him if he was Putin during a meeting with young people, he replied: “Yes. Yes, for now.”

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