Prime Minister Donald Tusk after his US trip: Weimar Triangle impromptu summit in Berlin on Friday

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that an impromptu summit of the Weimar Triangle would take place on Friday. He explained that he would speak with the French president and the German chancellor about the situation regarding supporting Ukraine and blocking the US congressional aid package. At the same time, together with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski, he announced that he would seek the president's approval for changes in most embassies. “We are looking forward to a massive change in embassies,” he said.

On Tuesday evening, after a meeting at the White House with US President Joe Biden, in which President Andrej Duda also participated, Prime Minister Tusk was a guest of TVP Info. – We are talking about two countries that are heavily involved in helping Ukraine during the war. We are talking about how to overcome this difficult moment – very important, because this financial aid has not yet been released in the House of Representatives in the United States – said the Prime Minister.

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– President Biden said he is still optimistic and believes that the aid will be opened. I spoke with President Biden about how to mobilize our colleagues in Europe. On Friday, so soon, there will be a sudden, unscheduled summit of the Weimar Triangle. Tusk announced that I will be in Berlin with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to discuss the situation, and that they are also waiting for my information from the talks in Washington.

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“The situation is difficult, everyone knows that”

As he said, the situation is difficult and everyone knows that. – There's no point in denying. However, this confirmation from the US side that they really take NATO and their commitments seriously is an important one, he added. According to Tusk, “a lot of attention will be paid to this triangle – Paris, Berlin and Warsaw.” – In my opinion, these three capitals have such a mission and such a power to mobilize all of Europe at present. Remedies and help will flow,” he noted.

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Asked about the role of the Weimar Triangle, Tusk assessed that there are two forms of cooperation between two states in Europe that are important for Poland and its security – the Weimar Triangle and the so-called Northern Group, which also brings together the Baltic states. Norway and Great Britain, among others. – Let's be honest – if all three capitals reach an agreement and work together in Europe it could set the tone for many things. It is Warsaw, Berlin and Paris. “I think we are on the right track to revitalize the Weimar Triangle so that it has a real strong influence on all European decisions,” the Prime Minister said.

Tusk: The main purpose of my visit is to get assurances that America will not hesitate to help Poland.TVN24

Tusk: We have a truly revolutionary change

He also mentioned the issue of European countries' attitude towards Ukraine. – There is always something unappreciated and overlooked because it has no direct effect at the moment. (…) We may not all appreciate this revolutionary change in most European capitals. We have a truly revolutionary change in Germany. The fact that in Germany today, the two major parties are competing to see which one is pro-Ukrainian; President Macron surprised everyone by being willing to send French soldiers, Tusk noted.

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He also drew attention to mobilizing other European countries in support of Ukraine. – Let's take Italy. Prime Minister Georgia Meloni was suspected to be a pro-Putin favorite when she won the election, but this was not the case. Italy, under Prime Minister Meloni, is one of the leading countries, at least when it comes to declarations of support for Ukraine. Great Britain (…) is definitely pro-Ukrainian. Sweden, Finland – known; Baltic States – Small, but solid. We have a real problem with two neighbors and traditional friends. Budapest and Bratislava, he reckons, are two places that are clearly suspicious of Ukraine today and are flirting with Putin.

Tusk: There has been a radical shift in the political mood in Paris and Berlin

Tusk: There has been a radical shift in the political mood in Paris and BerlinTVN24

Tusk: We are facing a huge change in embassies

In that interview, the prime minister was asked whether Marek Makirowski would continue as Poland's ambassador to the United States, and whether President Andrzej Duda was blocking changes in ambassadorial posts.

– We are currently in the middle of a major operation. After the President resigned from cooperation – or at least his colleagues presented it, there was a lot of information about it in the media – Minister Sikorsky and I decided to ask the President for approval for changes in most embassies – Tusk replied.

The head of government stipulated that he would not divulge specific names now. – One way or another, we are facing a very big change in embassies – he emphasized.

– If there is no other option, of course we will withdraw ambassadors to the country and until the position of the president changes or the president changes, the ambassadors acting as ambassadors will remain ambassadors. If this solution satisfies the President, it will stay. Prime Minister Tusk announced that one way or another, we must develop and create a committee loyal to the Polish government in all embassies that will manage our affairs and the affairs of the Polish government.

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As he assured, “This is not a retaliatory move and many diplomats certainly deserve to continue their work.” – Ambassador Makirovsky has never been a fan of mine, but I have a very high opinion of his work in Washington – Tusk said.

The head of the presidential office, Marcin Mastralec, said on Monday that there was currently no question of changing the ambassador in Washington, and that Andrzej Duda would not agree to such a change. He added that the president considers Washington “presidentially comfortable.”

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek SzymaƄski

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