Presidential election in Finland. Alexander Stubb wins

Finland's preliminary election results are out. According to them, after the conversion, more than 93 percent of the vote – won by former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, a liberal conservative, candidate of the current ruling party. He got 52.3 percent. Support. He declared victory. The new head of state replaces Sauli Niinisto, sometimes called “Putin's Whisperer.”

Polling stations were open on Sunday from 9am to 8pm local time (8am to 7pm Polish time). Polls pointed to the victory of Alexander Stubb – according to recent surveys, his support ratings were 53-54 percent. Becca Havisto can count between 46 and 47 percent.

In the end, after the reshuffle, the former prime minister won with 93.9 percent of the vote Alexander Stubb, A liberal conservative, the candidate of the current ruling party. He got 52.3 percent. Support. Becca Havisto He received 47.9 percent support.

Havisto said Sunday's election result was “a defeat for him”.

Alexander Stubb And officially declared his victory.

A second round of elections took place because in the first (January 28), in which Stubb won and Havisto came in second, none of the candidates received more than 50 percent. votes.

A “New Era” in Finnish History

Reuters reports that the presidential election begins on Sunday Finnish History “New Era”Decades later Helsinki abandoned the principle of equidistance between the Kremlin and the White House, and finally – as a result of the outbreak of war in Ukraine – Joined NATO.

Stubb will replace the president Sauli Niinisto. He is stepping down after two six-year terms. During his 12 years in office, he earned the nickname “Putin's Whisperer” due to his close ties to the Russian leader.

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Personality is important

At the decisive stage of the presidential election – the opinion of the press – it is closer to the voter, that is, not about the candidate's views or party affiliation. Less important are his skills in foreign and security policy (both candidates have extensive international experience). It has gained importance in this election Personality of candidates and their personal characteristics – Results of a public opinion survey by the largest Finnish newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat”.

Nearly half of voters believe Havisto's sexual orientation (she is married to a man) is “unsuitable” for the president. This is one of the main reasons why people decided to support Stubb They won't vote for Havisto. This is the third time a Green politician is contesting the presidential election.

On the other hand, the supporters of Haisto justified their choice The average citizen cannot identify with Stubbs. Stubb is a Swede, whose first mother tongue is officially Swedish, and who is well off. During his Prime Ministership (2014–2015), he was known as an overly liberal and flamboyant politician who wanted to make a “show” around himself.

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