Pope Francis: Ukraine must have the courage to raise the white flag

The Pope addressed the issue of the war in Ukraine. “When you see things are not going well, you have to have the courage to raise the white flag,” Francis said in a preview of the interview, which is scheduled to air on March 20. A Vatican spokesman has already commented on the words, explaining that the Pope was referring to something different than what his statement implied.

Pope Francis He said that Ukraine should show the courage of the “white flag”. – When you see that you are defeated and things are not going well, Have the courage to negotiate – said the Pope in an interview with the Swiss RSI.

The head of the church spoke about this during an interview recorded by the Swiss public broadcaster last month. Now the announcement has been published, A The full conversation will be telecast on March 20.

Pope Francis: Don't be shy to negotiate

As Francis added, negotiations must take place with the help of major powers. According to him, we need to find a country that can act as a mediator in this situation. In this environment He mentioned Turkey, which has already submitted a proposal on the issue.

– This is a shameful issue, but on the other hand, how many victims will it end up with? Negotiate in advance, Find a country to arbitrate. (…) Don't be shy to negotiate before it gets worse, said the Pope.

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Reuters has emphasized this Probably the first timeAlthough he has spoken in the past about the need for talks, Francis used words like “white flag” and “defeated” in a discussion of the war in Ukraine.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni has already clarified the Pope's words. He explained that Franciszek took the word “white flag” from the host Intelligence and was used “to denote a cease-fire and a cease-fire achieved through the courage of negotiations.”

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