Pope Francis stirs up storm with talk of “Greater Russia” Ukrainian authorities responded

The pope’s words at the end of a long-distance dialogue with Russian Catholic youth gathered in St. Petersburg on August 25 were met with intense tension.

Francis, switching from the Spanish in which he prepared his speech, said in Italian: “Never forget your heritage, you are the children of the great Russia, the great Russia of the saints, the king, the great Russia of Peter I, Catherine II, this great empire, such a great culture and great humanity. has

Never give up on this tradition. You are heirs of Mother Russia, advance with her. As you are, I thank you for being Russians.

The Vatican did not release the updated passage when it announced the text of Saturday’s meeting.

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Ukraine reacts to Pope’s words

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry referred to him on Monday, declaring: “It is a pity that the views of the great Russian power, which is actually responsible for Russia’s long-term aggression, come from his mouth, knowingly or unknowingly. In our opinion, the Pope’s intention is to open the eyes of Russian youth to the destructive course of the current Russian leadership.”

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