Pope Francis addressed the Poles, speaking of a third war. “Let Memory Judge You” | World news

Wednesday, August 31 marks the 83rd anniversary of the outbreak of World War II Pope Francis He turned to the Poles. During a public audience at the Vatican, Pres In the church Refers to the current situation in Ukraine.

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Govin: I hope that the position of the Holy See will change in the Ukraine war

Pope Francis appeal to Poland: Let remembrance inspire you to cultivate peace within yourself

– I sincerely congratulate all Poles. Tomorrow you will celebrate the anniversary of the explosion Second World WarThis marked the Polish nation very painfully. And Today we are going through the third war Francis said Vatican news.

– Let the memory of past experiences inspire you to develop peace in families, social and international life – he appealed. PopeAsking for a “special prayer” for the nation Ukrainian. May Mary support you in your daily choices that bring good, justice and solidarity with those in need, hope, joy and inner freedom in your hearts. I bless you from the bottom of my heart, he concluded.

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Francis was a hope for the renewal of the Church and became Putin’s useful fool

Pope Francis criticizes words on war There is a comment from the Vatican

Pope Francis’ approach to Ukraine has been heavily criticized from the start. In recent months, the head of the Church has said, among other things, that “we are all guilty” of the escalation of the conflict fueled by “NATO barking at Russia’s door”. However, the commentary on the death of Daria Dukina, the daughter of a Kremlin propagandist, shed a dose of bitterness. – I think of that poor woman in Moscow who was blown up by a bomb placed under the seat of a car. Innocents pay for war, Pope said. His statement was also judged by the Vatican.

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“Words of the Holy Father about this dramatic situation [wojnie w Ukrainie – red.] “It should be read as a voice raised in defense of human life and the values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with it, not taking a political stand,” St. Seer asserted in his statement. For the first time it was said to be a war. It was initiated by Russia.

Pope FrancisUkraine has responded to the Vatican’s statement. “Indicates who the aggressor is”

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