Police arrested Greta Thunberg. The activist blocked the highway

Greta Thunberg was arrested by the police

On Saturday, the Swedish woman took part in organized actions to block a Dutch highway. Climate activists managed to block the road, according to Swedish media reports cited by German agency DPA. Police used water cannons to stop it.

Pro-climate organization Extinction Rebellion has claimed responsibility for organizing the protest. Its Dutch branch noted in its X account that it is “very worrying that the new government includes climate change deniers”. They pointed to Asylum and Migration Affairs Minister Marjolyn Baber and Infrastructure Minister Barry Madlener. They both joined Dick Schoof’s government, which took office on 2 July. It was formed by a coalition of four parties, including the far-right Freedom Party (PPV) led by Geert Wilders, which includes Faber and Madlener.

Quoted by Extinction Rebellion, Faber stated his opinion that humans are not influencing climate change. Madlener became famous for his statement to the European Parliament in 2011, when as an MEP he said: “We want to send Poland to Poland, let them stay there.” He said that Poles work for low wages in the Netherlands Salary.

Activists protest on the A12 highway in the Netherlands

Activists targeted the A12 highway to The Hague several months ago; Since then, they have managed to prevent it many times. Dutch custody This, in turn, tries to block the access of activists to the highway. During previous sieges, activists were detained and then bused to other parts of the city, where they were released.

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In records from Saturday Thunberg is escorted to a bus by police officers.

Thunberg was previously arrested During the attempted blockade of the A12 in April.

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