Pokemon shiny shiny diamond blocks illegal clones

Pokemon BDSP trainers have a walk with Pokemon.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And the shining pearl They had a lot of loopholes when they came out. Some It was funnyMost were harmless, but a few made it extremely easy for players to collectively clone rare and powerful Pokémon. It was Absolute feeding frenzy. Now the developers behind the Gen 4 releases are fighting back with a new line of code that prevents players from trading or fighting with deceptive Pokémon.

patch Version 1.2.0 The live broadcast went live last night, adding the battles of the Colosseum and Expand the functions of the Federation Chamber. But the vague patch notes from Nintendo also pointed to an important change in gameplay. “Some Pokémon acquired via unintended methods or illegal modification now cannot be used in Link Trades or Link Battles,” they read.

According to Kaphotics, a datamin Pokemon expert, this is made possible by a “PokeDupeChecker,” which looks at every Pokemon a player owns and announces suspected clones. “When does this clone check run? Opening a trade window with another player, or loading the game” is wrote on twitter. Kaphotics also noted that the checker only refers to the second copy, leaving players free Trade and battle with their origins.

Players are starting to notice the change Shortly after the start of the live broadcast They were puzzled when there was a large forbidden sign on large parts of their squad.

A screenshot of a Reddit post shows someone waking up their forbidden Pokemon.

unlike The traditional “hacked” Pokémonusing clones BDSPGlitches in duplication are replicas of naturally occurring Pokémon. The only sign that they are “illegitimate” is if they match up exactly with another Pokemon that the player already owns. As such, this move appears designed to stop the spread more Clones by locking items on the game card they are currently on.

It’s already been months since the glitches in mass cloning were discovered, so in some ways the damage has already been done. However, the new PokeDupeChecker will help mitigate the effects for new and returning players. This is it Pokemon But we’re talking about it, so gamers are clearly divided over the new patch, with some happy to see Game Freak and ILCA finally take action, while others have seen the clones have a fun wrinkle in Otherwise, a pair of paint by numbers remakes are disappointing.

Regarding the timing, the patch will likely be rolling out now to pave the way for the eagerly awaited Global Wonder Station fans. The original in the DS games featured an auction house, but players will hope that the revamped area contains some new surprises. The Sinoh District website has been “under construction” since launch.

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