Pokémon GO's new character creation tool has been released and everyone is hating it

Pretty much every change Niantic makes Pokemon Go It results in massive backlash from the vast player community. This is usually due to almost every change Niantic makes Pokemon Go Disastrous and stupid. The latest is the new avatar creator, and guess what.

Obviously, everyone hates change, so players' reactions to any change in any game tend to be negative. But sometimes changes are objectively bad, and that seems to be the case with the avatar updates Pogo. I mean, the fact that every character now looks like they're straddling an imaginary traffic cone certainly doesn't help.

In typical Niantic fashion, the update to Pokemon Go It was described with dodgy trailers and mysterious in-game messages as a big and exciting change, leading players to speculate that some significant in-game changes were coming to how the game was played. Expectations rose, and the result was a combination of aesthetic upgrades and downgrades, with the game remaining the same mess it was before. (I found this more confusing and depressing than most, because I was apparently randomly selected as one of the people who got the graphics updates early, which meant I was already used to much-improved backgrounds on capture screens, and a nicer in-game map, presumably That's the case with everyone.)

The majority of the issues people face center around what may at first glance seem like a progressive change: removing gender options. You can no longer choose between being male or female, instead all head, body and hair options are grouped together. Great, right? This is much more comprehensive, and only the cryiest baby will have a hard time choosing the one that matches their own preferences from the list. Oh, except in doing so, Niantic replaced what was already there with a bunch of androgynous body type options, an odd compromise that offers much less variety. Now you can be fat or thin, but that's about it.

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The hair options are particularly terrible, with nothing being just a generic short hair style, and everyone Options that go beyond “short” contrast neutral body options with overtly feminine designs. And while there are many diverse skin tones you can choose from (although if you're white, you're expected to be anemic), it's miserable when it comes to hair options for people of color. This is what you'd expect from a notorious MMO, and not one of the biggest mobile games in the world.

Many are upset at how much the changes will affect the face of the avatar they have enjoyed for the past seven years. Faces can look oddly stretched, and eyes oddly spaced apart (with nothing close to the slider for such a setting).

“Terrible update, everyone's avatars look more childish and rounded. The facial options are so terrible I can't even…” said Reddit user Stunning-Balance-175 Self RoadReddit.

“I didn't expect the update to come out more beautiful than before, but damn, what did they do to me?” Added paranoia_muscipula.

Meanwhile on X, popular Pokemon Poster Lewtwo wrote, “Literally every Pokemon post over the last 24 hours has looked like a fucking funeral, this shit is unreal.”

“How did they whitewash a white man,” asked @outofyourvector, posting their before-and-after avatar with the new vitamin D-deficient Caucasian cucumbers.

“He looks very sad now. The light has disappeared from his eyes, and the healthy glow has been taken from his skin,” @adds.Sti11B3 Jeweled.

The characters' eyes are particularly different after the update, being much less realistic and larger, which is probably what causes the most dissonance with players reeling in response. Also, anyone who used to enjoy flaunting their curves in the game now finds themselves far less talented.

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Pokemon Go Creator ZyoniK has come up with a handy set of tips to avoid changes.

In his subjectZyoniK explains how ensuring you joined Team Instinct (which actually had the best people) meant you could choose a costume that came with a mask, glasses, and a hat that obscured almost your entire face.

I found that my child's avatar was protected from the worst of it by having glasses and a giant Mimikyu hat covering half his face. However, there is nothing I can do about those bowed legs.


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