Pokemon Go players are demanding that Niantic bring back one OG feature

Josh Taylor

The Pokemon Go community has called on Niantic to bring back the classic loading screens from the original release of the game.

Pokemon Go players often reminisce and express their wish for Niantic to bring back classic features and forgotten Pokemon.

One that proved popular, with nearly four thousand upvotes later, was from Pokemon Go player ImBurntToast21. they subscriber Nine classic loading screens from years past and stated: “The old loading screens are just looking different.”

“Man, this first one is so nostalgic,” one player replied. This has been echoed by many as it depicts the first ever loading screen that launched with the mobile game in 2016.

Many OG coaches participated in reminiscing. “So many memories. “Thanks, I feel old now,” said one person, while another joked: “What do you mean you're old. It was just the last two loading screens…. right….”

They included many fan favorites, such as those for New Year's festivities, but those featuring simplified screens with popular Pokémon were missing the most.

Steelix was one of those: “I like that the general safety vibe I got from a lot of these was 'be aware of your surroundings because you might hit a Steelix or something.'”

Others commented that “Gengar is still my favorite”, and that “Gyarados has been living rent-free in my head since the early days.”

Although someone said: “This is pure nostalgia for the old days. They all look pretty bad when compared to anything modern,” and the consensus was that the OG loading screens were “much better.”

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One player replied: “Yes. The modern ones looked really good, but the ones that showed a trainer were really different. It gave Pokemon Snap the feeling of being with the Pokemon, and that was very good.”

“Those were the days we took them for granted,” one player said. Regarding Niantic, one player continued, “They mostly only care about money now, they never listen to players and they just cancel events that happen every week or just get rid of The days of Pokemon that no one wanted.

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