Podlasi. Firing at the border. Pursuing the criminal

Near Narewka (Podlaskie Voivodeship), a courier car of illegal immigrants fleeing the control of the Border Guard lost control and crashed into a property fence. He manages to escape on foot, and his quest continues; It was revealed that he was carrying six Afghan nationals.

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Podlaskie Border Police spokeswoman Major Katarzyna Zdanowicz said on Friday that a man on patrol from the border police station in Narewka tried to stop the driver of a Dacia Logan in the village of Olchówka. However, he ignored the light and sound signals and left He ran fast.

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He followed; After a few hundred meters, the driver’s car lost control and crashed into a property fence at high speed. After the accident, he jumped out of the car and fled on foot. “A warning shot was fired during the interception attempt. Efforts are on to arrest the courier – Added Major Zdanowicz.

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It was revealed that he was carrying 6 people in the car Immigrants from Afghanistan; Four had identity documents. They were not injured in the accident and were taken to the border police station in Narevka, where operations related to the operation Crossing the border illegally.

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Two hundred people were arrested

This is another attempt in recent days by border guards from their post in Narewka after couriers of illegal immigrants in the Podlasie region. Last Tuesday, after a chase, the drivers of four cars were detained near the Belarus border for failing to stop for road control. Warning shots were fired to stop one of these cars. It turned out that those arrested were Georgians who had come to collect illegal immigrants.

Since the beginning of the year, officers of the Podlaskie branch of the Border Guard Stopped at the border with Belarus Two hundred people are suspected of facilitating or organizing illegal border crossings.

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