Plane crash in Malaysia: At least 10 are killed when a light plane crashes on a highway north of Kuala Lumpur


At least 10 people were killed after a chartered plane crashed on a highway north of Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

The Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement that the plane, carrying six passengers and two crew, took off from Langkawi International Airport and was heading to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.

The first contact the plane made with the air traffic control tower in Subang was at 2.47pm [local time (2.47 a.m. ET)] Permission was given to land at 2:48 in the afternoon,” according to the statement. The statement added that at 2.51pm local time, “the control tower observed smoke coming from the crash site but no distress call was made by the aircraft.”

The state-run newspaper Berita Harian, quoting Selangor Police Chief Hussain Umar Khan, reported that the plane collided with a car and a motorbike, each carrying a person.

“Forensic workers are in the process of collecting the remains and will bring them to Tengku Ambuan Rahima Hospital in Klang for post-mortem examination and identification process,” Khan said, according to the state newspaper, adding that the Ministry of Transport will conduct an investigation.

Transport Secretary Anthony Locke said investigations were ongoing.

“No one survived the accident,” he said at a news conference. “Victims (on the road) will also still need to be identified, and they will be updated in a timely manner. Forensic confirmation must be taken.”

Videos and photos taken by Malaysian media showed a burned-out section of the highway shrouded in smoke in the air.

Parts of the aircraft are depicted on the ground.

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