Pikmin 4: How to find the pink onion

published: 2023-08-20 T22:26:43

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The winged Pikmin in Pikmin 4 are very useful for collecting treasure and moving it quickly, but you’ll need to find the Pink Onion first. Here’s where to find the Pink Onion in Pikmin 4 to start collecting more winged Pikmin.

While Pikmin 4 only allows players to take out three types of Pikmin at a time, there are nine different types of Pikmin that explorers can collect throughout the game.

Many of these types of Pikmin return from previous games, such as the Rock and Winged Pikmin that debuted in Pikmin 3 for Wii U.

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However, before fans can take advantage of the extremely useful Winged Pikmin, they will first need to find the Pink Onion to increase their population. Here’s how to find the Pink Onion on Planet PNF-404 and get more winged Pikmin.

How to find the pink onion in Pikmin 4

To get access to the Pink Onion, players will actually need to score credits into Pikmin 4 first. Without getting into story spoilers, you’ll still be able to continue exploring the planet PNF-404 after hitting the credits for the first time.

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After watching the credits, you will have access to two more areas. The second region is known as Primordial Thicket, which includes pink onions. Unlike the blue and yellow onions, there is only one pink onion to find in Pikmin 4.

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Upon landing in Primordial Thicket, head to the east side of the map under the Tree Trunk Bridge. Here, you’ll see a raised ledge that houses the Dandori Trial as well as the Pink Onion.

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The Pink Onion is found in the sixth region of the game: Primordial Thicket.

but, A cardboard box wall blocks the path To pink onions with toxic geysers lining the road.

To clear the poison geysers bring it At least one White Pikmin has been found underground To the surface and head around the back of the ledge to the first geyser. Throw the white Pikmin over the edge and wait for them to destroy each of the 3 geysers.

Then, head through the hole in the wall below the box to find another small hole where you can throw more Pikmin near the Cardboard Box. However, be very careful not to get attacked by him Enemies are hiding in the muddy waters nearby.

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After moving the Cardboard Box Wall with 10 Pikmin, go up the ramp to the left, cross the box, and Return the pink onion to your base.

And there you have it! This is how Pikmin 4 fans can find the Pink Onion and start breeding their own Winged Pikmin population to carry treasures on stakes with ease. For more Nintendo content, be sure to check out our homepage.

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