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Alex Kurtzman’s next chapter Star Trek Paramount +’s franchise is starting to come into focus. On Tuesday, the Paramount Global-backed streaming company announced it was on a long-term deal Section 31 The series will indeed be a film that will re-enter Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh as a feature film instead of the one that was originally intended to be a spin-off. Discovery, who caught Star Trek to conglomerate.

Sources say Kurtzman, who leads his secret hideout a trip The franchise is under a nine-figure overall deal with producers CBS Studios, which has begun making plans for a conversion Section 31 In a feature film on the catwalk last summer as insiders worried about over-saturating the famous property. The idea of ​​switching to pillars began after Kurtzman, sources say Everything everywhere at once And I knew the role would potentially earn Yeoh an Academy Award.

Between Yeoh’s schedule, concerns about having too many shows at the same time in the franchise and a desire to enter the feature film action space, the decision was made to change Section 31 in a movie. Amid the sweep of award season, sources say Yeoh has remained committed to returning to Kurtzman’s Star Trek Fold and she was on board to reprise her role as Emperor Philippa Giorgio in any capacity. The actress was the first person chosen Discovery It was repeated in the first three seasons. word about Section 31 debuted in 2018 with Yeoh in talks about a spin-off, which was officially put into development a year later with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Grad attached.

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sources say Section 31 It is conceived as Mission: Impossible Meets galaxy Guardians, Which, combined with the large scope of both films, makes doing a weekly series even more of a challenge. Sources indicate that the plan is for Kurtzman and company to carry out a mission Star Trek A dedicated streaming movie every two years for Paramount+.

Of note is Kurtzman, who co-wrote in 2009 Star Trek Feature Film and 2013 The star makes its way slowly in the dark, He previously expressed his desire to return to the world of movies with his franchise in a 2021 interview with THR linked star trek: miracle, The kid-focused animated series he developed to help attract new and younger fans to the franchise.

Production has begun Section 31 It will start later this year. Focused on teens Star Trek: Starfleet Academy The series, which was officially greenlit in March, will begin production in the spring of 2024 with an expected release in 2025, according to sources. The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard He concludes his journey this week; Discovery spin off Strange new worlds It returns in June for its sophomore season and has already been renewed for a third. Animated series for adults Star Trek: Below Decks It has also been renewed for a fifth season. key chain, Star Trek: Discoverywill premiere its fifth and final season in early 2024. It’s all an exec produced by Kurtzman, whose larger goal is to not only revive the franchise but expand its reach to the next generation of viewers with programming that caters to underserved demos.


Representatives for Paramount+, CBS Studios and Kurtzman declined to comment.

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