Pentagon chief: If Ukraine falls, war between NATO and Russia

– If Ukraine falls, I think there will be a NATO conflict with Russia – said the head of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin. This report was released during the inquiry committee held in the House of Representatives. A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on Austin's words.

On Thursday, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin He testified before the Armed Services Committee of the US House of Representatives. It was everything it asked for Austin was hospitalized earlier this yearHe did not inform the White House about this.

At the end of the panel meeting, Austin was asked why Americans should continue to support Ukraine and what the future holds for “all of us” if Moscow defeats Kiev.

– If Ukraine falls, Putin will not stop there. It will advance and attack the southern territories, its neighbors, the Pentagon chief responded. But that's not all.

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– If you are one of the Baltic countries, you are truly afraid that you will be next. They know Putin, they know what he is capable of. And honestly, If Ukraine falls, I think there will be a NATO-Russia fight – added.

The Kremlin responds: They are crazy

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation commented on Austin's words Marija Charova.

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“Is this a direct threat to Russia or an attempt to bring Zelensky an excuse? They are both crazy. But now everyone sees who is the aggressor – Washington,” he wrote on his social media.

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Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They are all members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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