Peace march in Hungary. Tens of thousands of people support Orban

Dubbed a “peace march” by organizers, the demonstration drew Orbán’s supporters from Hungary and neighboring countries. They marched across the Danube from the famous Chain Bridge in Budapest to Margaret Island, waving flags and holding banners reading “No War”.


After 14 years in power, Orban, the European Union’s longest-serving leader, has focused his campaign on the war in Ukraine ahead of June 9 elections, portraying his domestic and international opponents as warmongers who want to engage Hungary directly. Conflict.


Hungary wants to “stay out” of the war in Ukraine

During a speech at Saturday’s rally, Orban said it was time for his party to “occupy” Brussels – the de facto capital of the European Union – and change the continent’s approach to supporting Ukraine in order to prevent a full-scale invasion by Russia.

– If the Hungarian voters support the government we can stay out of the war. “We must win the European elections so that the Brussels bureaucrats open the city gates to us in fear and rush out of their offices,” said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Orban is betting on Trump’s victory

According to him, Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election in November will lead to the creation of a “transatlantic peace alliance” that could end the conflict in Ukraine.

The Associated Press reports that Orban’s party, Fidesz, will win more Hungarian seats in next week’s European Parliament elections. The AP also notes that both Fidesz and Orban have built a reputation in the Brussels establishment as one of the friendliest in the entire EU to Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

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