Paramount Plus dropped the big Star Trek crossover episode early

There may not be any big actors or announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but Paramount Plus has found one way to surprise fans. She’s dropping the next episode out Star Trek: Strange New Worlds five days ago. The episode happens to be the highly anticipated crossover episode featuring the live-action version of some of the cast Star Trek: Below Decks. Having actually seen this episode, I can confirm that this is all about as fun as it sounds.

With the actors on strike, the Human Rights Coordination Center was more silent than it had been in previous years. There are not many star panels and there are no major ads. This means that studios need to rely on something besides the work of actors to promote their shows, and Paramount Plus settled for that sudden drop.

Episode 7, “Those Old Scientists” is now available and managed to bring in characters lower floorsa deeply frenzied animated show, set in the more traditional Star Trek universe Strange new worlds remarkably well. Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome transition seamlessly between the two mediums, and much of their outrageousness can easily be explained away because they’re, you know, from the future. Stranger things to come.

Dignitaries Strange new worlds Struggling to match the energy lower floors characters, but the actors who play them develop an effortless cadence that really helps tie the two very different shows together nicely. Even when it’s super goofy, everything feels like it Strange new worldsnot like the weird and forced crossover.

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It surprised me when I watched the channel. I’ve been tentatively excited about this episode ever since They announced it last year at SDCC. I was just curious how they would pull it off. One of the shows is about a group of extraordinary heroes who travel around the stars and save the universe. The other is an often raunchy comedy about the people who keep the ship running while the heroes are out for heroism. Merging these two tones together could be disastrous, however Strange new worlds He has always been good at moving from genre to genre and handling subtle tonal transitions with aplomb.

Also, it turns out that when you put a bunch of really good, committed actors on a proper stage together, they can work some magic.

With Episode 7 airing today, the rest of the season will air a little earlier than expected. Strange new worlds Episode 8 will air on Thursday, July 27. Episode 9, the musical, will air on the Thursday after that, and Episode 10, the season finale, will air on August 10.

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