Panic in Crimea. Russians take documents and “everything of value”.

According to her The Russians are trying to take “everything of value to them and everything of value to the International Tribunal” through the Kerch Bridge.. These are documents confirming their illegal activities, he added.

The spokesman added that after regaining control over the Kiev peninsula, the Russians were exporting everything they could use against them.

Representatives of the occupying forces are also deporting their family members from Crimea, and some soldiers want to leave the peninsula by writing applications for leave, Humenyuk said.

In Crimea, acts of sabotage against Russian occupiers who have illegally occupied the peninsula since 2014 are on the rise. Loud explosions were heard in Sevastopol earlier today, but details are unknown.

At the same time, Ukraine is gearing up for a long-announced counteroffensive, and one of its goals — previously announced by officials in Kiev — is to recapture Crimea from the Russians.

Appeasing dictators like Putin only leads to escalation of war. The only way to permanent peace is to liberate Crimea, part of Ukraine. Support us for true peace in Crimea

– Ukrainian Foreign Ministry wrote today on Twitter.

Source:, PAP


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