Pakistan: Children’s hospital burns down. Everything turned gray – o2

According to the South Asian news agency ANI, the fire first appeared on the third floor. The pharmacy there was completely destroyed by fire. It is difficult to estimate the magnitude of the losses. Millions worth of drugs have been reduced to ashes.

Children’s hospital fire in Pakistan. Are patients and staff safe?

Both patients and hospital staff have already been evacuated from the building. As the fire spread, 7 fire engines were called in to put out the blaze. In total, 40 people are expected to take part in the firefighting operation.

Despite the large number of firefighters, it was decided that it would be necessary to download additional vehicles to extinguish the fire. Food is imported from units located throughout the big city of Lahore.

A Pakistani fire department spokesman denied any casualties in the incident. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. The investigation will be conducted only after the fire is contained.

This is not the first such incident in Pakistan in the last one week. On Wednesday, June 1, a fire broke out at a supermarket in Karachi, killing one person and injuring three others – including a firefighter.

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