Pakistan. Bosses torture and kill 10-year-old boy after he and his 6-year-old brother stole fruit | World news

10-year-old Kamran worked as a domestic worker in Lahore, Pakistan (considered the country’s cultural capital). At her employers’ house, she was beaten and tortured along with her 6-year-old brother for stealing fruit from the property. In Conclusion Kamran has died and his brother is hospitalized in a critical condition.

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Pakistan. Bosses beat up 10-year-old boy for stealing fruit.

According to arrangement Police Both boys ended up in a medical facility. Kamran is declared dead shortly after and his brother Rizwan is fighting for his life. The children worked in affluent Lahore and helped run the household – reports the portal After the children were admitted to the hospital, the doctors informed the police. The people who brought the children to the facility were arrested, but the owners of the house managed to escape. The boys had been working at their torturers’ house for over a year.

In Pakistan There is more Big The problem of child abuse. Human rights activists have demanded that steps be taken to resolve this issue. They point out that deteriorating economic conditions influence the use of children in immersive activities.

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Human rights activist Sheriar Rizwan said torture of children in Pakistan is widespread and brutal. – Exemplary punishment should be given to those who kill innocent children. The government should take care of this case so that the culprits do not escape responsibility – the opinion was quoted by the portal. Residents Pakistani people are actively trying to improve their existence and engage in it Work own children.

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