Owner availability led to Washington visiting four players

The moment I learned that the Chiefs were bringing four potential quarterbacks to town on the same day, I thought: “This is the only day the owner was available to meet them.”

On Wednesday, former Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy confirmed that fact during an appearance with Rich Eisen.

“The owner was in for two days and… He wanted everyone to get there in these two daysMcCarthy said.

It's not a surprise. It's a big decision for leaders. He's their most significant pick since Robert Griffin III in 2012. They'll likely add a player who is the face of the franchise, and whose mere presence could be key to getting the best deal possible for the outfield.

But there is a risk. Just ask any Panthers fan. If the owner puts his finger on the scale, the football operation could make a big mistake.

This is the biggest challenge for leader owner Josh Harris. The people who work with him, and who hope to continue doing so, will be watching for any sign. body language. face features. Comments submitted. Questions asked.

Who do you think the president likes?

It would be foolish for general manager Adam Peters, coach Dan Quinn, and the rest of the organization to ignore this dynamic. And they are not fools. They took notice of Harris' availability by having McCarthy, Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye and Michael Penix Jr. visit at the same time.

Would it have been better for each of them to have one day? Given the size of the choice, sure. Would it have been better if the owner had made himself available for four separate visits on four separate days? Again, definitely.

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But that's one of the fundamental problems with being a fan. You can't choose your money. And while it would have been seen as a huge step forward by anyone other than Daniel Snyder, the best owner is someone who finds the sweet spot between being present and available and being involved but also trusts the footballers' ability to do their job without undue influence from someone. t football expert.

For leaders, it would obviously be best to have an owner who is interested in meeting with potential quarterbacks when they visit and is available to accommodate four different visits from their top quarterback prospects. No matter the excuses made and the explanations given for the Leaders' unusual approach to hosting their best midfielders, the fact is that the owner wanted to be involved – and that the owner had a limited window to get him involved.

This is what happens when the owner is a billionaire and has a lot of other business interests, including several other professional sports teams in many other cities. But, yeah, it's still better than Daniel Snyder taking over.

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