Overwatch 2 Season 9 brings some drastic changes

Monitoring 2Season 9 of the shooter will be a big move for the hero shooter when it launches on February 13. In addition to implementing what was previously announced Passive healing for all heroesSeason 9 brings other sweeping changes aimed at increasing the hero's ability to survive, but some other tweaks may help balance out the increase in healing and health.

First, if you haven't heard about it before, each hero will get a modified version of a supporting hero ability that gradually heals characters after a few seconds of avoiding damage. For DPS and Tank characters, this will occur at a rate of 20 heals per second after five seconds without taking damage. Support items will start to heal faster than others, with the 20 per second healing process starting at 2.5 seconds without taking damage. Across the board, all heroes receive boosts to their base health. Characters who had 150-175 HP before this change will receive a 25 HP boost, characters with 200-300 HP will receive an additional 50 HP, and tanks will receive an additional 75-100 HP.

Blizzard's attempt to balance all the extra healing seems to be two-fold. The first adjustment is that DPS heroes will have a new basic ability that reduces the target's healing by 20 percent when dealing damage. So, if you are firing shots, it will be difficult for enemy support players to improve your target's health and negate your damage. Blizzard says this is intended to stimulate strategic focus on specific goals.

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Besides passive DPS, Monitoring 2 He is working on increasing the different projectile sizes and ranges for various heroes and will tweak them further after the team has had time to evaluate these changes in Season 9. According to Blizzard, this is intended to help players make accurate shots Fast-paced motor abilities are becoming more prevalent.

“Clear, responsive movement is important to core gameplay, so we don't want to just slow down player movement,” Blizzard wrote in a press release. “Instead, we are improving the consistency of hits by increasing the size of damage-dealing projectiles and travel time projectiles. Heroes with weapons or abilities that do not benefit from any changes in projectile size will receive additional balance changes. However, we do not want to make too many Adjustments to Heroes before we get a better understanding of the effects of these initial changes, so stay tuned to learn more about individual Heroes in future updates.

Here is a summary of the initial changes:

Ashe stands next to a list of projectile size changes.

picture: Blizzard Entertainment

Without playing the game with these changes made, these changes seem like some of the biggest and most important tweaks Monitoring 2 Implemented since switching to 5v5. The passive healing change has been concerning for support players, as it has the potential to make Tank and DPS players more independent in what was always meant to be a team-based game. Ultimately, Blizzard may not keep all of these ideas in place after one season, but anything this sweeping was tried out in temporary beta mode before being brought into the main game. Here, we'll just have to make a bunch of far-reaching tweaks that hit the whole game at once, so there's a lot of fear going into Season 9.

While these are some big changes coming Monitoring 2Some smaller details include Pharah, the flying DPS hero and rocket shooter, getting some sort of rework, though Blizzard hasn't gone into detail yet. The Junkertown map is also seeing tweaks.

All this follows Massive layoffs at Activision-Blizzard After Microsoft acquired the company, which affected many of them Monitoring 2 team, starting from Narrative aspect to E-Sports Department.

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