Overwatch 2 players are divided on whether Sombra’s rework represents an improvement or not

published: 2023-10-07T21:28:28

Updated: 2023-10-07T21:28:41

After Overwatch 2 fans crunched the numbers for Sombra’s rework, some expressed concern that the stealth hacker’s new set might serve as an older version.

As many Overwatch 2 fans know, Sombra was the latest character to get a rework after others like Bastion and Doomfist.

Sombra’s rework comes as part of Season 7, with the development team stating that the overall goal of her new group is to maintain Sombra’s identity while making her more committed to the opponents she targets.

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After seeing a lot of new details surrounding the rework, some Sombra fans are divided on whether or not these changes will buff or nerf the damage hero overall.

Overwatch 2 fans are divided over the rework of Sombra

a mail On Overwatch com.subreddit It sparked debate among the community, with fans discussing the merits and concerns surrounding Sombra’s rework.

The theme used guides provided by Blizzard’s development blog mail As well as in-depth analysis video Made by OW2 content creator Fitzyhere.

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The post basically broke down and compared Sombra’s weapon numbers, abilities, and more.

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Overall, there seem to be many pros and cons to the new Sombra kits and players are starting to see how they feel about the changes.

One of the biggest points of contention surrounded Sombra’s Translocator, which is now a teleport based on a thrown projectile.

“What the hell did they do to the translator? It’s basically just a short TP tool now. After reading the whole thing, I don’t think I’ll ever play Sombra again,” one fan said.

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Others have argued that the new teleportation aligns better with its new focus. “That’s the whole point. They want Sombra to be with the team more often than not. The playstyle of always returning TP to the health pack is what causes problems,” another player explained.

On the other hand, some players expressed concern that remastering the game would make it less fun to play. “The balance between these changes seems to make them objectively less fun. Fewer button presses and less survivability of the wing. Gone are the heart-racing moments when activating the 10-hp translator.”

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The Sombra rework will officially launch when Season 7 begins, so players will be able to make their final judgment on her new outfit soon.

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