Overwatch 2 is bringing back the iconic pink Mercy skin

Rosary Mercy.

picture: Blizzard Entertainment

Monitoring 2 She usually cycles through the skins and other cosmetics in her shop, offering certain skins for a few weeks before removing them. You can purchase some directly from the Heroes menu after they leave the store. But there are some skins that have only been available through limited means and for a short period of time throughout the series’ eight-year history. These rare cosmetics have eluded fans for years, but never more so than the infamous ones Monitoring 1 Rosary Mercy From 2018.

Fans have been so desperate to get their hands on the Pink Mercy skin since its release in 2018 People who owned it auctioned off their accounts For hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Now, those who want the skin will be able to get it again at a very reasonable price. The Pink Mercy skin was a joint collaboration between Blizzard and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the two are coming together again to re-release the skin, as well as a new rose gold version. The pink skin will cost you $15, while the pink skin will set you back $20. All proceeds will go to fund breast cancer research (excluding taxes and stand fees).

The rose gold skin is packaged with other cosmetics that “reflect the campaign theme.” The pink skin is exactly like you’ve seen in the game before, with Mercy decked out in a pink suit and wings, and her hair styled in pigtails. The rose gold skin is a mostly swapped color palette, but has some nice details like the gold trim on Mercy’s wings.

Rose gold mercy.

picture: Blizzard Entertainment

The skins will be available from June 25th to July 8th, and will appear in store a few days later Monitoring 2The eleventh season of the game, which begins next week on June 18. The season won’t add a new hero, but it will bring a new Push Mode map called Runasapi that ties into the backstory of support hero Illari. Blizzard will also be updating Colosseo, one of the first Push maps added Monitoring 2 It will be released in 2022. The next hero to be released in Season 12 is a supporting character codenamed Space Ranger, but Blizzard has not announced her real name yet.

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