Overwatch 2 announces its collaboration with the legendary anime “Cowboy Bebop”

Blizzard's free-to-play shooter Overwatch 2 didn't quite explode like the original but it did introduce some new ideas (and co-op). The latest is another anime-inspired crossover that this time adds new cosmetics inspired by the legendary 90s anime Cowboy Bebop.

Yes, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and the rest of the crew do as well Kind of Join Overwatch 2 as skins. Here's the official announcement via social media and you can check out the trailer that recreates the anime's famous intro.

As mentioned, this event will start next week March 12, 2024. Aside from skins, there will also be emotes and more to unlock. This isn't the first time Blizzard's Overwatch sequel has collaborated with anime. Earlier in its life cycle, it collaborated with One punch man (Which is now finally getting a third season).

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