Overwatch 2 “a disappointing launch experience”

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 extends her arms in front of the Junkertown banner.

picture: Activision Blizzard

Monitor 2 He wasn’t having a good time. after succumbing Two attacks by outside parties That made it almost impossible to play, a hero shooter She was criticized for her bad cell phone policy. Then, I had a lot Issues trying to play Monitor 2 with friends. Blizzard has eased those pains, eliminating phone requirements altogether and allowing more players to experience the sequel as the week went on, but not before some Extended layoff Thursday night. By Friday, the fans were I spotted a chat bug that randomly spent their real money on the store. Now it’s evening, and the start of the weekend, Blizzard has another update.

In new condition after updateBlizzard is grateful that fans have been “patient” throughout this entire story, and while there are some welcome improvements now, the game’s larger status update is still a bit of a mixed bag.

In a status update, Blizzard announced that console players with a linked Battle.net account since June 9, 2021, along with any PC players with linked accounts, will no longer need a cell phone, effective immediately. In an email, a Blizzard spokesperson explained that completely new players Monitor 2However, he still needs a phone number, so the requirement hasn’t completely gone away.

While Blizzard says it’s making progress with things like account merging issues, along with players not being able to access a purchased Watchpoint Pack on consoles, the developer says some may still have hiccups. There is still a waiting list for the former issue, and in the case of the latest release, PlayStation owners in particular may not see the product in their inventories. The fix is ​​said to be rolled out later tonight. Some may still experience these annoying login issues as well, but Blizzard has made it seem like it’s now a much smaller stumbling block to the game.

Perhaps the most ironic point of the status update is what replaced the login issue. Here’s Blizzard, explaining how by improving one thing, players may now see a worse experience elsewhere:

Now that we’ve increased capacity and have higher synchronization with players, matchmaking systems are affected, which means you might see a wait before you’re put into a match. We are changing configurations within this system today and hope to shorten the waiting period somewhat throughout the day. We will continue to research matchmaking queues over the weekend to determine any additional improvements we can make.

At least you can be inside the game while you wait.

Blizzard has learned that fans may be frustrated after the week that just happened to bid farewell to this update, after thanking players and acknowledging that the game has undergone a difficult launch, Blizzard wrote:

We greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for your support, we are laser focus on improving Monitor 2 An experience for all players.

At the moment, it looks as if Note and watch Players will have to wait until next week to see more meaningful changes other than those set to arrive in the game later tonight.

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