Orange Line trains sabotage and affect MBTA schedule – NBC Boston

The MBTA said several Orange Line trains were temporarily out of service on Thursday after being sabotaged overnight.

An AT spokesperson said the vandalism consisted of “malignant damage to windows”.

“We will be operating with longer main tracks this afternoon due to the limited number of trains,” the MBTA said on Twitter shortly before 2 p.m.

On its website, the MBTA says that subway schedules are determined by the main routes – Time and place between each train. Anytime a train is withdrawn from service, dispatchers need to adjust the place and time between other trains in service.

T apologized for the inconvenience and said he was working to get the trains back into service “as soon as possible”.

At about 3:15 p.m., the MBTA provided an update saying that repair work and window replacement had progressed at a good pace and they expected they would have enough Orange Line trains to commute in the afternoon to keep up with current schedules.

No other information was available directly.

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