‘Operation Repo’ star Sonia Bizarro dead at 60


“The Repo Process” by Sonia Pizarro

dead at 60

Sonia Bizarrobest known for her starring role in the reality TV show “Operation Repo,” is dead… TMZ has learned.

Sonya’s niece, Linda Bizarro — who was also on the show — tells us Sonya died Wednesday night in Arizona in her sleep.

Sonya’s ex-husband, star of the show “Operation Repo” Froilan TerceroHe remembers her as “a bad-ass chick who kicked some serious ass.”

Adds Froylan… “She will always have a place in my heart and body as her name is still tattooed on my stomach, Sonja we love you and I will honor you with all the good keepsakes you have given me thank you and I love you.”


While she is best known for her work on TruTV series, Sonia has also acted in films… including 2009’s “Repo Chick” and, most recently, 2018’s “Followed.”

Sonia had major health problems in the past… In May 2018 she was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. Linda tells us that Sonya did not die of complications from the stroke.

Sonia leaves behind 3 children. RubyAnd Robert And Froilan Jr So are her grandchildren… BryantAnd Brie And Danica.

She was 60 years old.

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