OneNote gets Microsoft’s new AI copilot to help you write your notes

Microsoft plans to add the new Microsoft 365 Copilot assistant to OneNote. The software giant originally announced Copilot for apps like Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint last month, and now it’s ready to show how note-taking will be affected by an AI-powered assistant.

As a note-taking partner, Kopilot uses your prompts to formulate plans, generate ideas, create lists, organize information, and more. Greg Mays explainsProduct Manager for OneNote.

How Copilot integration works in OneNote.
Image: Microsoft

Just like Copilot’s integration into Word, the AI ​​assistant can retype, format, or summarize existing text in OneNote based on prompts in the sidebar interface. You can also ask the AI ​​assistant to create a plan for an event or create topics and talking points for meetings.

Microsoft hasn’t shown Copilot’s built-in integration into OneNote yet. In the Word version, you can highlight paragraphs and the Copilot Assistant will appear when you hover your mouse over a section of the paragraph to present the retyped text automatically.

Microsoft also hasn’t announced exactly when Copilot will be available in OneNote. A small number of Microsoft 365 enterprise customers are currently testing a preview version of Copilot in apps like Word and Outlook, and some of these early versions can be enabled in beta versions of Word right now.

I’ve been playing around with Copilot’s private preview in Word recently, using it to create text. It’s a very early implementation right now, so there’s a lot of missing functionality that needs sorting out before it’s ready for public preview. Microsoft is aggressively testing this before a broader rollout, and the company hasn’t committed any dates for Copilot yet.

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