NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070 is said to cost $599

RTX 40-series graphics card prices may soon drop to earth…if only by a bit. Cards video sources NVIDIA claims pricing for the standard GeForce RTX 4070 at $599. That’s definitely cheaper than the $799 RTX 4070 Ti, but it’s exactly the same as the RTX 3070 Ti as of 2021. It looks like the days of paying $500 or less for an x070 GPU are over.

You may get more for your money than any 3070 card, at least. The GeForce RTX 4070 will reportedly have the same 5,888 CUDA core count as the regular 3070 and a narrower 192-bit memory bus, but a much higher 1.92GHz core clock speed (even the 3070 Ti tops out at 1.58GHz), more RAM (12GB vs. 8 GB), and 29 teraflops higher than the 32-bit floating point computing power (versus 22 for the 3070 Ti). And did we mention it should use less power than the 3070? While the core count and clock speeds are noticeably lower than those of the 4070 Ti, it can still provide tangible gains over the last generation.

NVIDIA will reportedly release the “regular” GeForce RTX 4070 in mid-April. If the price is accurate, the $599 price tag could finally make Ada-based GPUs more accessible to gamers who refused to pay an extra $799 just to get the DLSS 3 upgrade and other benefits from the latest GeForce lineup. However, it will also continue the trend of price increases across the range. Every RTX 40 GPU to date has a reference price that’s at least $100 higher than its RTX 30 equivalent. This isn’t much of an issue if you’re simply looking for the best card in your budget, but it can be a pain if you want the closest possible resemblance to a model. ex-developed.

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