Norwegian intelligence: The outcome of the war in Ukraine will be decisive for Europe

Norwegian military intelligence service Etterretningstjenesten submitted a report on assessing security threats on Monday.

– We must be prepared for many complex actions by Russia, such as sending migrants across the border. The intelligence chief stressed during the press conference that there is also a threat of using military force depending on the course of the war in Ukraine.

“War in Ukraine Will Be Decisive”

According to Nils Stenssons, Russia is tired of the war in Ukraine and currently has no opportunity or interest in expanding the conflict. However, if Putin wins, the picture will be different – he noted.

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– The war in Ukraine will be decisive. He asserted that a Russia that is gaining control of the economy, gaining momentum in the arms industry, and achieving military victories will be more confident in the use of force than a Russia that is emerging from the war.

Nils Stenssons added that Norway should prepare for more uncertainty. “We need to monitor the situation more closely and be able to act faster than was necessary a few years ago,” he noted.

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