Norway. Bridge collapsed at Treton. The cars fell into the river

A 150 meter long bridge collapsed in Norway. Two cars were passing that way at the time of the accident. Nothing serious happened to anyone – TV2 television portal reports.

The bridge collapsed over the Gutbrandstlslagen in the town of Tretten, north of Lillehammer in the south, on Monday morning. Norway.

When the bridge collapsed, two vehicles were on it. According to a local police spokesperson, the driver of the passenger car managed to get out of the vehicle on his own, while the driver of the truck was pulled out with the help of a helicopter. Both drivers are in good condition.

A bridge has collapsed in Dredden, NorwayPAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

There were two vehicles on the bridgePAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

The cause of the bridge collapse is unknown

The 150-meter-long wooden structure was opened to drivers in 2012. – It was completely destroyed, everything collapsed – Mayor Jan Halver Midmageli told the Norwegian daily “Dupgladet”.

Local officials said the cause of the bridge collapse is currently unknown., Deutsche Welle

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

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