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One month after coming to power in December 2011, Kim Jong Un delivered a speech in which he announced that he would work for nuclear weapons and economic development. Although the situation in the country was initially said to have improved, it later deteriorated significantly. The reason, was among othersInside. Development of the nuclear and ballistic program that led to international sanctions. The already difficult situation was exacerbated by the corona virus outbreak, in which North Korea closed its border with China – kidnapping some residents Border He was a source of income – we read in the “Daily NK” analysis.

Crisis in North Korea. Three Koreans tell me how life is there

Daily NK “ This South Koreans The online newspaper reports events North Korea. On Monday, the website published an interview with three Koreans about how bad the situation is in North Korea.

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Patriotic slavery in North Korea

Ri, a 50-year-old man from northern Hamkyeong province on China’s border, told the newspaper that he had seen his neighbors repeatedly asking for food. He said he noticed after a while that no smoke was coming out of the chimneys of their homes.

Another Daily NK Whistleblower, Bagh, 40, is off the border in Chongqing province China, He said people from the villages started disappearing in November. Police And civilian search teams tried to find them. They found corpses in caves and mountain barns.

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Bagh, 30, from Riyang Kong province, spoke about the conversation heard about starvation deaths in his area. As he said, 40 people died of starvation in a commune from January to March.

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North Korea. Did the authorities not respond to this question?

Officers North Korea Do not take any special measures to prevent starvation deaths that do not affect citizens – “Daily NK” reports. What’s more, if they stop smoking coming out of their homes, they shift the responsibility to the residents themselves by encouraging them to help the neighbors.

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An online newspaper points out that the focus of the current regime is on the 15th April 110th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the first leader and founder of the dynasty of North Korean dictators. The Korean Defense Ministry was urging residents to make sure there were no missing persons or starvation deaths that day. Every day more and more North Koreans are complaining about the closed border, pointing out the more difficult situation.

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