Nord Stream 1 may be closed. Notice of the Russian Ambassador

Cosprom It said on Tuesday it had reduced supplies to Germany from 167 to 100m3 a day, citing a late return of equipment sent for repairs.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov He assured on Thursday that the recent restrictions on Russia’s gas supplies to Europe were not intentional but were due to problems with the maintenance of the turbines. Western barriers.

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Nord Stream1 It has the capacity to pump about 55 billion m3 annually to the EU, which imported about 140 billion m3 of gas from Russia through pipelines last year.

Germany, like other European countries They rush to refill their gas storage facilitiesSo they are 80 percent. Completed in October and 90 percent by November. Currently they are 56 percent full. – Reuters reports.

The head of the German Energy Regulator estimates that cutting off currents via Nord Stream 1 will make this task more difficult.

NorwayAs the second largest gas exporter to Europe, the European Union is increasing production to meet its target Russia must stop relying on fossil fuels by 2027.

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