Nord Stream 1 “does not guarantee” resumption of gas supplies to Europe

Gazprom “cannot guarantee” further gas deliveries via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to customers in Europe due to “extraordinary” circumstances, the Russian company wrote in a letter obtained by Reuters. Experts note that this will further increase the conflict between Russia, Europe and Germany.

Gazprom mentions in his letter the so-called Forced ruleIn commercial contracts, extraordinary events allow a party to be released from contractual obligations. As found by Reuters agency, the letter was about the supply of gas through the pipeline Nord Stream 1It is the main source of supply from Russia to Germany.

The company that received the letter from Gazprom is Uniper – the largest German importer Russian Gas. Uniper said the letter was formally rejected as “unreasonable”. RWE, the largest German energy producer and importer of gas from Russia, declined to comment on the details of the letter received.

From Monday 11th July, the transmission of gas via NS1 has been completely stopped due to annual maintenance works. The work will end on Thursday, but Germany and other European consumers fear Moscow will not return to gas exchanges in retaliation for sanctions imposed.

From mid-June Gazprom It reduced the amount of gas transmitted by 40 percent, indicating the absence of a serviced turbine in Canada. Canadian officials, under pressure from the German government, decided to airlift the turbine to Germany on Sunday, July 17. If there are no problems with logistics and customs clearance, the turbine will arrive in Russia after 5-7 days – Reuters is learning.

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The German Economy Ministry declined to provide details on the current location of the transport and turbine. However, it insisted that “this is it”. A spare part used since SeptemberThat is, its absence could not have been the actual reason for the reduction in gas flow before “NS1” maintenance.

This seems to be the first clue Gas supply via NS1 Cannot resume after completion of 10 day maintenance – Comments Hans van Cleef, energy expert at ABN AMRO. Depending on what extraordinary circumstances caused the force majeure, whether they were technical or political issues, this would mean further escalation of the conflict between Russia and Europe and Germany. – Van Cleef emphasizes.

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