Nintendo Treehouse: Thursday Live Presentation Collection

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo announced a presentation—no, not Direct, but Treehouse: Live Presentation. These presentations usually take place during and around E3 or other Directs, but it looks like this will be a solo show, taking place on August 25th.

The Treehouse will be divided into three sections; The first two will focus on Splatoon 3 – one part of the game’s new single player mode, and the second on strategies you can use in the upcoming Splatfest World Premier.

The last section will be devoted to the farming simulator RPG Harvestella published by Square Enix. This will showcase some of the world’s first gameplay of the beautiful looking Live Wire, a Switch console exclusive.

The show is scheduled for August 25 9:30 AM PDT / 12:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM GMT / 6:30 PM GMTSo be sure to set your alarms for that if you’re interested in any of these games!

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