Nintendo confirms that Charles Martinet is not involved in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Following the news that it would be “stepping back” from voicing Nintendo characters, Nintendo confirmed to IGN that original Mario voice actor Charles Martinet will not be participating in Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. Wonder.

While Nintendo wasn’t ready to reveal who the new voice for Mario would be, it did confirm that Charles will continue to delight Mario fans around the world with his new role as Mario’s ambassador.

While Charles is not involved in Super Mario Bros. amazingWe are excited to honor his legacy
In a statement to IGN, a Nintendo spokesperson said: “The contributions, including looking forward to what he’ll be doing as Mario’s ambassador,” said in a statement to IGN. The voice actors for the characters will be added to the game credits, so please wait for the game to be released. “

Nintendo shared the news that Martinet will no longer be voicing Nintendo characters earlier today, but made no mention of Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. Wonder. While it would be sad to see Martinet go, as it has been with Nintendo as the voice of Mario and many other characters like Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and more since 1991, Nintendo reassured us that this wouldn’t be the last we’d hear.

In the future, Martinet will appear in a private video message with Shigeru Miyamoto that will hopefully serve as a worthy farewell to the man behind the famous voice.

As for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it’s the first all-new 2D Mario adventure in over 10 years and is set to jump its way to Switch on October 20, 2023. It appears to be one special adventure too, as does the Wonder Flower feature that could completely change how the world looks and plays. Oh, and did we mention that Mario can transform into an elephant?

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