Nimitikar predicts her death and gives her chocolate. The next day the woman died

Twenty-seven-year-old Fernanda Silva Valos da Cruz Pinto was walking through the center of the Brazilian city of Maceo on August 3, 2023, when an elderly woman stopped her and offered her a fingerprint service. The diviner read from Fernanda’s hand that she would die soon. “You have a few more days,” said the elder, giving the twenty-seven-year-old a piece of chocolate.

A few hours later, Fernanda Pinto began to feel unpleasant symptoms and informed her family in a message:

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Initially, the woman’s family did not find anything troubling in her symptoms. Fernanda struggled with mucositis and stomach ulcers, so her family assumed the symptoms she described were the result of previous health problems.

Fernanda Silva Valos da Cruz Pinto felt very bad for an hour. Finally, she and her cousin went to the Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital. There, the nosebleeds started and the earlier symptoms became more severe. Despite the doctors’ efforts, on August 4, 2023, the twenty-seven-year-old died in hospital, leaving behind a nine-year-old crippled daughter.

After death, the woman’s body was subjected to post-mortem examination. The results of toxicology tests showed that her body had far from normal concentrations of the pesticides, sulfoteb and terbufos.

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“These substances are frequently used in poisoning cases in Brazil. Although access is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, they are readily available,” said Thalmanny Goulard, head of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Toxicology, quoted by the New York Post.

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The high concentration of toxic substances raised some suspicions in Bernada’s family. Before her death, the woman suspected that the chocolate she had received from the astrologer was the cause of her bad mood.

“I got chocolate in the city centre. I ate it. I’ve been feeling worse ever since. When I picked it up, it didn’t even occur to me that there was anything wrong with it. It was an old lady and the chocolate was in its original packaging. I’ve been sick ever since,” Fernanda was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Globo 1 recently published toxicological tests that did not confirm that toxins entered the woman’s body in the chocolate, but her family reported to the police that they suspect that Fernanda may have been poisoned by a fortune teller.

Fernando Silva Válos da Cruz Pinto’s case has been listed as an “unexplained death” as police await the results of a forensic examination to confirm that it was a homicide by poisoning. Not clear, law enforcement officials are trying to identify the suspected astrologer.

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Is it murder? So who took the young mother’s life and why? The investigation continues.

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