Nicolas Cage’s ‘Longlegs’ Will Haunt You, Critics Say

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Reviews have arrived and critics unanimously agree: “long legs” It’s so scary.

The Neon horror thriller, starring Nicolas Cage as an unstable country doll maker and Maika Monroe as a young FBI agent, had its world premiere at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday.

Each fan of the film was gifted a red 45-inch vinyl record covered in “Longlegs Cipher,” but they left the theater too scared to play the soundtrack.

“Longlegs” is the latest film from the actor and screenwriter. OsageaFrom Oz PerkinsHe is also the son of Anthony Perkins, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.

The film follows FBI agent Lee Harker (Monroe) as she deals with an unsolved serial killer case plaguing her small town in the Pacific Northwest, and takes an unexpected supernatural turn when she discovers a personal connection to the hidden killer.

Here’s what critics are saying about “Longlegs.”

Critics say ‘Longlegs’ will ‘hijack your subconscious’

Critics describe “Longlegs” as a true horror film, with Peter Debruge of Variety She wrote that the film has the ability to “hijack your subconscious”: “Less than 12 hours after watching it, Nicolas Cage’s crazy character appeared in my nightmares.”

David Erlich of IndieWire He shared a similar sentiment in his review: “Terrifying in the abstract even as it grows increasingly absurd to watch, ‘Longlegs’ creeps into that liminal space between childhood nightmares and practical adulthood.”

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The HaLewood Correspondence Perkins describes “Longlegs” as “the most complete and effective film yet,” despite concerns that it might “mix too many elements into the mix.”

Neon used strategic marketing to convey the level of horror in this film, releasing a trailer Stating that “The first time Maika Monroe saw Nicolas Cage as Longlegs, her heart rate reached 170 beats per minute.”

One user He answered“The marketing for this movie is so good that I’m actually worried.”

“Longlegs” stars Blair Underwood as Agent Carter and Alicia Witt as Ruth Harker, Lee Harker’s deeply religious mother. The cast includes Michelle Choi Lee, Dakota Dolby, Lauren Akkala, Kieran Shipka, and Myla Hosie.

Watch the trailer for ‘Longlegs’:

When will Longlegs be in theaters?

“Longlegs” hits theaters Friday.

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