Nicki Minaj refuses to sing 'Starships' at NYE event, saying: 'I don't like it!'

Nicki Minaj

He refuses to sing New York's “Starships.”

… 'I do not like that!!!'

The ship has long since sailed on “starships.” Nicki Minaj …And she will never let her fly again for anyone, not even on New Year's Eve!!!

Watch this TikTok clip… Mere seconds after starting the 2012 hit while performing at E11EVEN in Miami, the rapper suddenly signals a stop to the backing track — leaving fans furious as she refuses to continue, but she couldn't care less .

“Wait. Psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho. I'm not doing this song anymore,” the rapper tells the crowd. With cries of frustration heard loud and clear, Nicki explains: “I don't like it… What do you want me to do? Stupid song.”

Fortunately, it was only a brief moment of disappointment for her fans…Nicki quickly launched into another fun party, “Super Bass.”

This isn't the first time Nicki has teased her distaste for the song “Starships”… as she told Pollstar Live in 2020 that she hated it, and questioned why she came up with the song in the first place.

But don't feel bad for “Starships” — she also hates “Your Love” and “Anaconda” — so she's in good company.

With the recent release of her album “Pink Friday 2″… hopefully she'll be excited to perform her new catalog of hits in the coming years.

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