NFL Week 3 games may be affected by tropical storm

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Tropical Storm Ophelia, which became a named storm in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, could significantly impact some NFL games on Sunday, possibly bringing high winds and rain to fields and stands.

Tropical storm conditions are expected to begin Friday along parts of the East Coast. According to the National Hurricane CenterThere is also a risk of life-threatening storm surge, high surf, and rip currents, along with heavy rainfall across the mid-Atlantic, from North Carolina to New Jersey.

The center said the effects of the storm may continue through the weekend as the storm moves north.

If current forecasts hold, the storm could impact three NFL games scheduled to start Sunday afternoon:

  • New England Patriots at New York Jets
  • Buffalo Bills at Washington Commanders
  • Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

How will NFL games be affected by a potential tropical storm?

Current forecasts predict that the persistent winds will decrease by the time the game begins, but it could create less-than-ideal conditions for teams and fans on Sunday.

The Bills-Commanders and Colts-Ravens games should avoid the worst of the storm, with the “worst of the precipitation” coming Saturday night, AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist John Viereck told USA TODAY Sports.

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“There may still be some rain. At this point, the storm will have lost a lot of its wind intensity, so I don’t think we’re necessarily talking about windswept rain or anything like that during the day,” Viereck said. He said before the storm became Ophelia.

Viereck added that conditions may not be favorable at MetLife Stadium for the Jets and Patriots.

“I would say if there was a game that would probably be more impacted by rain and possibly heavy rain, it would probably be the Patriots-Jets game on Sunday,” he said. “Of course things can still change from time to time.”

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