Next Chapter ‘Opening To $7 Million, ‘Guardians 3’ Is Strong – Deadline

From left: Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen at ‘Book Club: The Next Chapter’

Focus features

Friday afternoon: Now, focus features Book Club: The Next Chapter Looking at the third debut of $2.1 million Today (including Thursday previews) and a $7 million 3 days in 3,508 theaters. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of upside, if any, this new team of Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen gets from Mother’s Day Sunday. There aren’t any circuits doing any sort of discount pricing, as what happened with the Oldest Female Title of the previous season 5, 80 for Brady. I was told that the exhibitors do value-added promotions book club 2 Ticket sales, such as free mimosas and margaritas.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 And Super Mario Bros movie tops the first places. The 3D Marvel Cinematic Universe sees A $15 million Second Friday by -69% for 3 days from $54 million – $55 million (-54%) in 4,450 locations. The second weekend contract isn’t that far off GOTG2‘sand GOTGHowever, the previous pic’s second weekend was 2 -55% higher at $65.2 million while GOTG made $42.1 million. GOTG3Running tally by Sunday looks forward to success $207.9 million.

Super Mario, From Illumination/Universal/Nintendo, booked at 3800 looking forward to Friday the 6th $2.9 million3 days from $13.3 million-28%, and a total run $536.2 million.

new font evil dead riseAnd It was booked in 2,821 theaters, and had a Friday the Fourth million-dollar, 3-day run 3.6 million dollars (-39%), and the running total by Sunday from $60 million. Sam Raimi’s executive produced already beat the domestic gross of Fede Alvarez’s 2013 newcomer, which ended its run at $54.2 million.

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At number five, it’s Lionsgate’s third opening weekend Are you with God? I’m Margaret at 2,359 locations with $2.3 million-28% after a 515 thousand dollars Friday and run a total $16.3 million.

Ben Affleck in Hypnotic

Entertainment ketchup

ben affleck noir robert rodriguez, hypnoticAnd Hits 2,118 theaters from Ketchup Entertainment. There were some TV spots. What does that mean as far as the money goes? Friday between $800,000 – $900,000 And $2.2 million – $2.3 million Opening.

Friday morning: The box office and industry needs to do counter-programming after so many unsawed bars have been crushed Super Mario Bros movie And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Hopefully, this is the focus on features Book Club: The Next Chapter. With $500,000 in previews Thursday, the film is eyeing a starting price of $7 million to $10 million in 3,507 theaters. Hopefully, double digits will be cleared, something that will be evident on Mother’s Day when Universal Specialty’s pop brand is expected to be in business.

as a company, 80 for Brady, Another Jane Fonda movie from earlier this year, it brought in $750,000 In Thursday previews starting at 3 p.m., this pic opened for $12.7 million, but the pic has discount tickets across most major precincts to appeal to the older female audience. In a post-pandemic environment, this debut was a major female hopeful’s film win. book club 2 can do the same.

the first Book club It was a domestic acquisition by Paramount, and proved a sleeper hit with a $13.5 million opening and a 5-fold to $68.5 million domestically – pretty good for a film like this in pre-pandemic. Paramount wasn’t interested in a sequel, so The Financing, Season 5 sold worldwide to Focus Features here; Negative recovery in the area of ​​+20 million. Season 5 was also late 80 for Brady which cost around $20 million, and grossed $40.2 million.

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Disney / Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 She would dominate in Weekend 2 with a hopeful possession of -60%, which is about $47 million. The first week of the James Gunn-directed Threequel film grossed $152.6 million in 4,450 theaters, which is 17% behind its first week. Vol. 2 ($183.1 million, which ended at $389.8 million) which is 14% ahead of its original first week release GOTG (US$134.3 million, final US$333.1 million). Thursday was $7.1 million through Wednesday.

Lighting / Universal / Nintendo Super Mario Bros movie I Got $1 Million Last Night for its fifth week, taking in $23.6 million in 3,909 theaters and grossing $523.2 million.

new font evil dead rise It made $490,000, up -1% from Wednesday, for a third week of $8 million in 3,036 theaters and a circulation of $56.4 million.

Lionsgate Are you with God? I’m Margaret It made $289,000, up 17% from Wednesday, for the second week’s $4.76 million and $14 million for the domestic week.

Lionsgate John Wick: Chapter 4 At 1,658, it made $223,000 yesterday, down -2% for its seventh week from $3.3 million in 1,658 theaters and $181 million.

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