NATO would lead to a conflict of nuclear powers

Ryabkov, quoted by RIA Novosti on Monday, said that NATO’s destructive tendency to ignore our “red lines” and engage in conflict with Russia in Ukraine, balancing on the brink of direct military conflict, is extremely dangerous.

– Of course, this further escalates towards a military conflict of nuclear powers with dire consequences as a result – he added.

He insisted that such a situation must be prevented and that states possessing nuclear weapons must adhere to the principle that war cannot be tolerated.

Ryabkov blamed Kiev

– As the Ukrainian crisis caused by the Kiev regime and its Western patrons worsens, this message has not lost its relevance, but has gained additional importance – he said.

The Russian doctrine presumptively permits the use of nuclear weapons, but only in response to aggression with weapons of mass destruction against Russia and its allies, or in the event of a threat to the country’s existence.

– In other words, Russia is likely to use nuclear weapons Only in response to an attack and for self-defense in emergency situations. There is no place for guesses and imaginations here,’ said Ryabkov.

Could Russia Use Nuclear Weapons Against Ukraine?

According to experts, there are about 2,000 in Russia. Payloads of tactical nuclear weapons can be delivered by air, sea or land and used on the battlefield.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that he is prepared to use nuclear weapons. Experts believe it could be a relatively small payload, for example, used to destroy a large Ukrainian city to spread fear.

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