NATO summit with unprecedented security measures. It’s like being in a bunker

The Spanish Interior and Defense Ministries are currently finalizing the details One of the largest security measures in the history of the country – The Vospopuli portal reported on Tuesday citing police sources.

In NATO Summit About 40 heads of state and government will attend, including 30 allies, Sweden and Finland, and the alliance’s Pacific allies, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

The first leaders will arrive in Madrid on Monday, June 27; All will be in about 20 hotels in the city center. More than 35,000 police, soldiers and soldiers will be on security duty to protect the capital.

For exhibition center halls IFEMAWhere discussions take place, delegates will follow well-marked routes. Pedestrian traffic on the city center and A.2 motorway is planned to be suspended, and the Madrid Metro will not stop at stations near IFEMA.

According to Vozpopuli, for two days IFEMA will become a bunkerNo one will be allowed access without authorization. They would have been scattered around the fairgrounds Three safety zones Led by the Center for Security and Crisis Coordination (CECOR).

One of the most secretive elements of a security operation is closing the airspace and using drones to control it. The air base at the Torrejon de Artois near Madrid is staying Be careful during rush hour. According to the Spanish Ministry of Defense, it must respond to threats from the air Scales. This will also be launched NATO’s AWACS early warning aircraft.

Unprecedented security measuresAnd during the NATO summit, they are taking place because of Russia’s potential spying operations, the imaginary threat of a rapid attack by jihadists, and the possible mobilization of anti – organization groups backed by the far – left party Podemos.

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