NATO summit in Madrid. Joe Biden confused the Glisco brothers

– That’s what happened to Joe Biden. He thought I was Vitaly, the younger brother said. Biden spent a lot of time with the two famous Ukrainian brothers, talking about his grandchildren who were fans of famous boxers, tells the German tabloid.

Many NATO leaders ask, “Am I talking to a real clich?” Many European politicians refer to recent video conversations with the wrong mayor of Kiev.

– It is very important to meet the most important heads of state and government in the world in person. We have realized a lot of support for Ukraine and now we hope that things will happen even faster in terms of arms supply. The situation, especially in the East, is very tense, and we need Western weapons, ”Vitaly told Klitschko Bildt.

NATO leaders discussed in Madrid, among other things, the Russian occupation of Ukraine and the longevity of obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty.

During the NATO summit, a declaration was adopted, which saw Russia as a threat to security. So far, NATO has seen Russia as a partner in its documents.

– We have made a fundamental change in our prevention and protection. We agreed to invite Finland and Sweden to join our alliance. We acknowledge the long-term support for Ukraine. We recognize NATO’s new strategic vision. We agreed to increase our efforts to combat climate change. We have decided to increase investment in NATO and increase the general budget – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calculated on Thursday.


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