Nanoleaf’s RGB Triangle Dimming Panels are $55 off

Nanoleaf offers great savings on light-dark panels. the Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Smarter Collection with nine panels Selling for $165 ($54.99 off) when you use the code NANO25FB at checkout on the Nanoleaf website. The limited edition plates were first released just over a year ago to celebrate Nanoleaf’s 10th birthday. I don’t know if it’s still really ‘limited’, as it remains easy to buy even after Nanoleaf turns 11, but either way, the black triangles look pretty cool since they show off their all-black base when turned off. Most other Nanoleaf panels are all white when turned off, so the black color provides an elegant contrast against brighter walls or can blend in with darker rooms.

Of course, when you turn it on, it’s all about the bright, flashy RGB smart lighting that can be customized in myriad ways or synchronized with the colors on your screen – which is why Nanoleaf lights are so popular among gamers and streamers who want flashy, battle stationStylish space.

the Logitech Stream Cam Plus webcam On sale for $69.98 (about $100) at GameStop (If you prefer free shipping, you might be able to get a Price match at Best Buy). The 1080p/60fps webcam produces some high quality video for web conferencing or broadcasting, especially if you have good lighting. The accompanying Logitech software also gives you a fair amount of manual control to get the picture just the way you like it. In addition to the solid video quality, the StreamCam has dual microphones that sound pretty good — handy if you want to keep your setup simple (or are just a little lazy).

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The Plus version of the StreamCam comes with a tripod, though it still has a standard monitor stand to sit on top of your screen in either a portrait or landscape orientation. However, like the standard StreamCam, the USB-C cable is built into the webcam itself, which isn’t ideal if the cord has gotten frayed or beaten over the years.

The OnePlus 11 5G may be out, and there are already leaks of the OnePlus 12 smartphone, but if you don’t mind opting for a slightly older model, the OnePlus 10T from 2022 sells pretty well right now. You can get OnePlus 10T With an expanded 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for $499.99 ($200 off) at Amazon – New Low. That’s about the reduced price the base model used to have, but now, you get more RAM and storage for a more modest price.

The OnePlus 10T uses the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 CPU that was the flagship for Android phones in 2022, has a 6.7-inch 1080p OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, and offers 125W ultra-fast wired charging. On the downside, there’s no wireless charging, and you’ll likely have two years of Android OS updates left now that the phone is about a year old. The newer Google Pixel 7A offers great competition for the same $499 price, though the OnePlus might still be a good fit if you want a big screen and fast performance at an affordable price.

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