name change. It will be the name of the capital of Kazakhstan – o2

Justice Minister Connet Mussin told the meeting that changing the name of the capital was raising debates in the community. So it was included in the bill. Deputy of the Majilis of Kazakhstan, Zhanarbek Ashimjanov, noted that the people of Kazakhstan do not deny the qualifications of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the country’s first president.

Nur-Sultan would change its name

In September, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Sumart proposed that Tokayev hold early presidential elections in the fall of 2022. He took the initiative to extend the presidential term from five to seven years, which was approved by the Majlis. However, there is no right to reapply for the presidency.

One of the first things Togayev did after taking office as president in 2019 was to rename the capital. Later, in honor of his predecessor Nursultan Nazarbayev, Astana was renamed Nur-Sultan.

Nazarbayev lost his titles and positions

However, after armed riots erupted in Kazakhstan earlier in the year and claimed dozens of lives, Dogayev replaced Nazarbayev as head of the Security Council, after which Nazarbayev lost all other posts, retaining only the formal title of “father of the father”. nation”.

Then Nazarbayev’s relatives began to resign from key positions In state institutions and the Government of Kazakhstan.

Astana became the capital in the 1990s.

The capital of Kazakhstan has changed its name several times. Until 1961, it was called Akmolinsk, after which it became Selenograd – the center of EU-wide development of the virgin lands of northern Kazakhstan and southern Siberia. In the 90s, the city changed its name to Akmola, and in 1993 the city was renamed Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan).

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